Detailed research of bitcoins transactions in cryptogames

While comparing cryptocurrencies with fiat money, the most evident contrast is how no organisation or person may accelerate or severely abuse its production of funds. Instead, just a certain amount of cryptocurrencies is collectively created by the entire bitcoin network at such a pace bound by a price simultaneously previously specified and publicly recognised. The idea is called decentralisation, a characteristic of most bitcoins.

How secure is the account?

If the user intends to ensure the account is secure and has full access to all services, create an email and a passcode in “My Account” upon that “Security” page at You will then receive a verification email from us. Never divulge your email address & your password to anyone, such as the company employees and the support system. When users receive an email from anyone acting as a CryptoGames staff and seeking the password, they do not respond. The firm would never compel anyone to give your a password.

For extra safety, we allow customers to arrange two-factor verification that utilises the google 2-factor programme. If users aren’t aware of this multifactor authentication, the user may learn more about the cryptogames website. If someone loses the phone, submit an email to the customer service team at Wait patiently for at least 24 hours for the service staff to complete your request

Primary worries regarding sending bitcoins

Should I move Ethereum – based ETC into the Ethereum ETH signifier? Need not deposit Ethereum – based ETC to Ethereum ETH wallet and vice – versa. These reserves would be gone. Could the user transfer Bitcoin BCH to a CryptoGames Bitcoin BTC signifier? Need not send Bitcoin BCH to Bitcoins BTC address or vice – versa. These reserves would be gone.

Could I transfer ERC20 coins or send Ethereum through an inner transaction using a contract? The firm does not take such Coins or agreements. Those payments would be gone. Just standard charges would’ve been added to the account. Could I send NEO to the CryptoGames NeoGas GAS signifier? The firm doesn’t accept NEO. Any NEO deposits would be merely destroyed.


What Bitcoin wallet is for use?

Official wallets are proposed as the below

To desktop clients:

  • Electrum
  • Bitcoin Core

To Android client:

  • Edge Wallet
  • Mycelium

To iOS/Apple client:

  • BRD wallet
  • Breadwallet

To online bitcoin client

  • Copay
  • GreenAddress

To bitcoin client

  • Trezor
  • Ledger wallet

Final question: Is it required to pay a transaction fee when I withdraw coins?

However, you may custom-set your expenses on the deposit page. We won’t advise users to choose minimum transaction prices as it can cause a delay in transactions. Remember that the bigger the fees, the sooner payment will be validated. We’re refreshing recommended charges every 10 minutes with Bitcoin Fees Service.